ClareMedica Health Partners Corporate Hexagons

News March 8, 2022

ClareMedica Health Partners Sets Course For Major Expansion

The Company will embark on a significant growth strategy designed to expand its Florida footprint and beyond.

MIAMI LAKES, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 8, 2022 / ClareMedica Health Partners, LLC (“ClareMedica” or “the Company”), a leading provider of value-based primary care that focuses on Medicare Advantage members in Florida, announced today that, on the heels of the recently announced meaningful equity investment from Revelstoke Capital Partners (“Revelstoke”), the Company will embark on a significant growth strategy designed to expand its Florida footprint and beyond.

ClareMedica’s BetterCare℠ Model Meets with Success…

“From its inception ClareMedica’s long-term vision has been to be a premier Florida based primary care provider, delivering improved access to quality health care for Floridians across the state,” commented Roberto Palenzuela, ClareMedica’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. Palenzuela continued, “To do so, we resolved early on that a thoughtful approach to growth by acquisition would be a key determinant of our success and would increase our exposure to financial partners who shared our vision for expansion. This growth philosophy, coupled with our BetterCare℠ model of care delivery, has proven out and we are delighted to be able to welcome Revelstoke as a partner in the continued execution of our strategic acquisition plan in Florida and in our consideration of a multi-state expansion plan.”

Company Expects to Expand its Footprint in Key Florida Markets in the Near Term…

Palenzuela commented further, “In the near term, we expect the impact of Revelstoke’s involvement to be significant in our process of expansion in key markets throughout the state. Together, we will identify suitable and potentially larger acquisition targets which is expected to significantly accelerate our growth. Additionally, we will deploy increased resources to help us improve and expedite our diligence and closing processes, making it easier for providers to become part of our growing health care group. It’s an exciting time for our company.”

Increased Presence in the Marketplace – Get to Know Better℠…

“Our patients and health care partners should expect to see an increased presence of ClareMedica in the marketplace as we expand our engagement in the communities we serve,” commented Albert Palombo, ClareMedica’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our founding principle of ‘Get to know better…get to know ClareMedica℠’ will continue to be the underpinning of a communication effort designed to convey our goals of keeping our patients happier and healthier when they become part of the ClareMedica family. Better care, better service, and a better quality of life is what our patients can expect when they trust their care to ClareMedica…Our BetterCare℠ model of care delivery is good for them, and good for everyone in the health care delivery spectrum,” Palombo concluded.

About ClareMedica Health Partners:

ClareMedica is a growing health care company that provides and coordinates comprehensive health care services for Medicare Advantage members and other customers through a network of employed and affiliated physicians. We deliver accountable, value-based care for all health care stakeholders by employing a patient-centric care model that provides better care for our patients and a changing health care industry. To learn more about ClareMedica Health Partners, LLC, please visit the company’s website at


Al Palombo
ClareMedica Health Partners, LLC
Chief Marketing Officer
(786) 758-3133

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